Buying and selling real estate in Croatia

We are happy to assist you with the purchase of a developed or undeveloped property in Croatia. We check the ownership in the land register for you and support you in a possible division of the land. We prepare the purchase contract, a possible preliminary contract as well as all other accompanying documents (e.g. declaration of conveyance, handover protocol) bilingually. We are also happy to conduct negotiations with the seller or buyer on your behalf.

In Croatia, the real estate purchase contract must also be concluded in notarial form. However, you should not misjudge that the real estate transaction differs significantly from that in other states. For example, the notary’s work is often limited to certifying the signatures of the contracting parties and you have to bring the purchase contract and accompanying documents printed out to the notary. Furthermore, it often happens in Croatia that a preliminary contract is concluded before the actual real estate purchase contract is signed. This preliminary contract may already contain extensive obligations, but does not have to be agreed in notarial form. It is therefore all the more important that the contract and the accompanying documents are prepared in your interest.

We will be happy to clarify the cross-border tax situation of the real estate transaction for you in advance.

Dr. Zoran Domić

Dr. Domić has already worked in a Croatian Desk of a major German law firm where he participated in the first major privatizations in Croatia as well as in other transactions of German companies in Croatia. Later, he established the Croatian Desk at a medium-sized German law firm.

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