Croatian Desk

We assist entrepreneurs and companies with their investments in Germany and Croatia

Croatia is an interesting investment location for foreign companies due to its positive economic developments, but also as a gateway to enter the market of the other states of the former Yugoslavia.

We understand your business partners in Croatia, but also in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Serbia, culturally, linguistically and in relation to their legal systems. We therefore accompany your project from the very beginning and support you in your cross-border business relations in all areas of commercial and tax law.

However, the chances for expanding economic activities are also associated with the risks of internationalization. Especially at the beginning, the appropriate choice of a company’s legal form requires special attention when launching a business activity in Croatia. Subsequent changes in the legal form require more consultation effort and in some cases even tax burdens.

When starting a business activity in Croatia, it is necessary to clarify in advance which tax consequences are to be expected, taking into account foreign tax law as well as Croatian tax law and the applicable double taxation agreement.

We will be pleased to analyze for you the tax and company law factors relevant for a tailor-made choice of legal form for your company’s engagement in Croatia. We will assist you personally and understandably in every single step of your project in Croatia. We check the necessary measures, prepare the necessary contracts and other documents and conduct the negotiations in Croatia with your contractual partners as well as with Croatian institutions.

Dr. Zoran Domić

Dr. Domić has already worked in a Croatian Desk of a major German law firm where he participated in the first major privatizations in Croatia as well as in other transactions of German companies in Croatia. Later, he established the Croatian Desk at a medium-sized German law firm.

Benefit from our broad range of advisory services, our large network in Croatia and our experience in cross-border legal relations and transactions.

We also advise foreign entrepreneurs who already maintain trade relations with Croatian companies, who may be planning to establish a subsidiary in Croatia or who merely wish to implement individual projects in Croatia.

In general, we believe it is important to choose the right structure from the start when entering into cross-border business relationships and activities. This structure should meet the requirements for the particular business, but also ensure that, for example, double taxation is avoided.

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