ARD Dokumentation, Unternehmensaufbau in Kroatien

In the ARD documentary “Under Pressure – Self-employed in Germany”, the situation of many entrepreneurs in Germany today is presented using concrete examples. The entrepreneurs/self-employed interviewed in the documentary criticise above all that they have to take care of more and more of the administration of their own business and have less time to provide their services to customers/clients or to sell their products. One of the consequences is that some German entrepreneurs are toying with the idea of emigrating and setting up a business abroad. As an example of this, an entrepreneur from Hamburg is interviewed who emigrated to Croatia with her family.

Dr. Domić was interviewed by the ARD team during the filming of the documentary, as he looks after many German entrepreneurs in Croatia and has also advised numerous Germans on their plans to emigrate to Croatia. A short sequence of the interview with Dr Domić was broadcast in the documentary (from minute 16:55 in the documentary). You can find the link to the documentary here:

Dr. Zoran Domić

Dr. Domić has already worked in a Croatian Desk of a major German law firm where he participated in the first major privatizations in Croatia as well as in other transactions of German companies in Croatia. Later, he established the Croatian Desk at a medium-sized German law firm.

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